Assembly work is a back-breaking job – especially when they have to be carried out in wind, weather and under time pressure. So, it’s time for tough guys! Our staff will always be a reliable partner in the plant construction to our customers, generally manufacturers of large wind turbine generators. Onshore, where the rotor blades are mounted on the hub – or offshore, where our electricians are also responsible for commissioning.

One thing is certain: Our special teams have been excellently prepared for their special challenges and are always certified according to the latest standard.

Our special expertise lies in construction and commissioning of wind turbines in the sea. Both in the North Sea and in the Baltic Sea, our staff ensures the wind energy production throughout Europe. Especially offshore, where others go below deck, we reach our full potential. Helicopter manoeuvres, abseiling, survival training on the high seas, ship and seaworthiness tests – our thoroughly trained technicians bring every experience to meet Rotorworks’ high quality requirements even under the most adverse conditions.