Service and maintenance

Whether regular maintenance or inspection of wind turbine generators, our teams always perform a full service for our customers. We control and maintain all parts and fittings relevant to the statics as well as the electrical and mechanical components in the machine house.

With our reliable partners, we are always able to operate on the current state of the art. For example, we have already been testing drones of the latest generation equipped with cameras and sensor technology. We also have successfully integrated the work with ultrasound equipment and 3D animations into our work processes.

Please note that we will deploy a new technology only after rigorous testing, after discovering an added value and if the reliability of the equipment is convincing. But in spite of all support of modern technology – in demanding situations, we rely always on our teams’ expertise: their eyes, hands and experience.

What we know for sure: a remote diagnosis, even if carried out with the best technology, will be able to replace the complex evaluation of a professional who has gained his impression of the state of damage on-site.