Working more than a hundred meters up, in virtually any weather condition – and on top of all, there is hardly room for tools and equipment: Mending a wind turbine generator is a big challenge. Simplest movements require intense concentration from our staff. Tiny mistakes may cause major consequences – for the client as well as for the staff.

In addition to that, it is our ambition to get the plant running again as fast as possible. A wind turbine generator whithout generating electricity, will cost the operator real money – every hour, every day. There are numerous reasons for a shutdown of a plant: a stroke of lightning, material fatigue or hairline cracks, which grow dangerously fast at high load, need to be repaired quickly. In these cases our expert teams are available, whenever they are required.

In order to guarantee this, we need concentrated and focused experts, who are used to solve problems even when conditions are tough. Easily done in theory, in 150 meters up the repairing job is a real challenge.

In addition to the full theoretical knowledge, our teams are especially trained for finding practical and convenient solutions on site, since routine in their daily work is rare. Our teamleaders have the expertise to handle unusual and extreme situations. Regular training sessions in our company provide a well trained staff, which is always eager and able to find the best solution for our clients.